An Invitation to Replace Sorrow with Peace

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Healing broken hearts one weekend at a time.

Welcome to Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh

Traditionally, the silent suffering of an abortion has been a well-kept secret. The unresolved grief and loss can weigh heavily on a person’s heart and well-being. Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh offers a weekend retreat to help women and men address the painful issues associated with abortion and find forgiveness, healing, and peace. 

The most important thing to know is this: you will be in a welcoming and confidential environment that is emotionally safe and nurturing. Rachel’s Vineyard is an invitation of love, not judgement.

A Message from Your Retreat Facilitator

“I’m glad you found Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh. This is a safe and loving place to address the wounds of abortion. Our team consists of different people with varying ages and backgrounds, but we all share a love for God and a love for this ministry. You can expect confidentiality and acceptance and will always receive compassion and honesty from us. We are humbled and honored to serve and hope to meet you in person.”

Toni Jester, Retreat Facilitator

Experience Our Weekend Retreat

The retreat is an emotional journey grounded in love, grief work, and reconciliation using the program written by Dr. Theresa Burke.

Our Promise Is God’s Promise

We do not cast stones or pass judgement. We promise a welcoming, emotionally safe and confidential experience for all people and faiths.

We Are a Ministry to Heal Broken Hearts

Our only mission is to help replace your feelings of sorrow with closure so the loving God can bring peace and joy into your life.

You Are Not Alone

We are here to listen, comfort and support anyone who is seeking help and struggling with the aftermath of abortion.

Are you ready to replace sorrow, regret, and pain with acceptance, hope, and closure?