Experience the Miracle of

Light and Peace

It’s such a blessing to receive letters of gratitude from our weekend retreat participants. Here’s what can happen when you open the door of darkness and step into the light of Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh.

“Don’t wait as long as I did.”

Don’t wait as long as I did to allow the light of His love, the peace of His forgiveness, and the hope of His promises to flood your heart and reawaken you to the meaning and purpose that life is intended to have. It can surely be yours if only you’ll take the step into the Vineyard.
I spent 30 years in a disordered darkness that no amount of counseling could unravel, no amount of medication could cure, and no degree of accomplishment ever erased. No pursuit — relational, professional, academic, personal or otherwise — could fill the gaping hole inside of me because I had no way to describe or address what I couldn’t consciously recognize.

Then came the day I confided in a friend about the gravest regret of my life. He, in turn, blessed me with the suggestion that a ministry named Rachel’s Vineyard could be just what I needed to offer my wounded soul to Jesus to be healed. And that’s precisely what I experienced. I trusted the loving staff, the kindred spirits participating with me, and our precious, merciful Lord by opening a door that had been sealed since my teen years.

“I found the healing and forgiveness I needed so deeply.”

The deep sorrow and sadness that I have as the result of the abortion is no less real, just because I am a man. I had known about Rachel’s Vineyard for many years, but I never had the courage to attend. I knew that I needed healing. It was just too painful to think about. I wasn’t prepared to deal with my pain. With the encouragement of a good friend, 22 years after the abortion, I attended a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. I can honestly say the retreat changed my life. I will always carry the deep sorrow of the abortion. But through God’s grace and the compassion of those at the retreat, I found the healing and forgiveness I needed so deeply. As men, we are called to be strong. I encourage any man that has suffered through an abortion to have the courage to attend the retreat.

“I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared.”

I came to Rachel’s Vineyard as the sibling of several aborted brothers and sisters. I didn’t know what to expect and I was scared. I wondered what healing this retreat could possible bring me. I found healing on several levels: I processed my own grief and pain over the loss of my siblings. I grew in compassion for my parents and what they must have experienced. Most of all, I got to remember and honor my siblings, especially through the Memorial Service. I now consider these brothers and sisters an integral part of my family and I look forward to being reunited with them in heaven. Thank you, Jesus, for your love and healing!

Rachel’s Vineyard of Pittsburgh is an open invitation to surrender your sorrow and heal your troubled heart.